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Cargo makes tools to design and build unique websites.

Introducing Cargo 2

So much is new,
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Tools to Publish Content

Cargo Collective offers a set of professional web publishing tools to service the design and creative communities:

Our new site builder of almost unlimited capacity, power and functionality, designed to handle any type of project. Typical uses: portfolio sites, digital magazines, design agencies, startups, bands.

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A smaller site builder, still very powerful but aimed at projects of a more modest scope. Typical uses: personal profiles, landing pages, flyers, release pages for albums, books or movies.

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Coming soon, Observatory is an image streaming platform as well as an image management tool. It can be used for image banks, blogs, books/zines, visual archives.

This week on Cargo

CN/013 — Oct 17 2017

All’s sparse but precise on Tom Andrew’s site. A chill, near-numb seductiveness pervades pics of pointed fashions and the occasional well constructed snapshot. An enviable, succinct swagger throughout.

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Helpful hints and solid suggestions

Feeling a bit OCD? Need more control? No probs — the Design menu of each page contains a Padding slider that can be expanded to satisfy your desire for precision — simply click on the button with the three dots to access it, and give any side of your page as little or as much room as you’d like. ✌️


Choices incidental, uncalculated and correct

It’s neither social commentary nor time capsule — but a mesmerizing transcript of a particular type of noise — a warm but alien drone in words, averaged from the chattering of particular humanoids.

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